Recording On Location

Polyhymnia International specialises in high-end location recordings of acoustic music in concert halls, churches, and auditoriums world-wide. We can adjust our services to any recording situation, from solo piano recitals to large opera productions.

Extensive and versatile services

We are a world leader in high-resolution stereo and surround recordings for SACD and High-Resolution PCM Audio. We have a permanent recording set stationed in Moscow, and are partners in a permanent audio studio in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. We also designed and installed the audio studio in the Frits Philipszaal in Eindhoven, and one of our chamber music PCM/DSD recording systems is installed in the Concertboerderij “Onder de Linden” in Valthermond (Netherlands). Our team has extensive experience working with the best artists in top locations around the world, and we offer complete producing, engineering, technical, and post-production services.

Polyhymnia works with a wide selection of customized microphones and pre-amps. We take great care in setting up the control room to create a proper monitoring environment on location. Our equipment sets include a selection of acoustic materials to treat the control room (acoustical curtains, diffusers, bass traps, etc.), B&W Nautilus speakers, and modified power amplifiers. Surround is not stereo, so whenever possible we monitor our surround recordings in surround on location.