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Polyhymnia International specializes in recording and post-production for Super Audio CD and High-Resolution PCM Audio, both in stereo and surround. Our expert staff and vast collection of high-end equipment enable us to provide a wide variety of customized services to meet the needs of any project. Many of our recordings are used as demonstration and/or reference material for high-resolution formats.

The people behind Polyhymnia

Berliner Philharmoniker Live DSD Streaming

This week Jean-Marie Geijsen and Karel Bruggeman  are recording in the Berlin Philharmonie with the Berliner Philhamoniker and a Japanese team for an innovative live DSD (5.6mHz) internet streaming ... Read more



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Listening to the first take of "Blues", the fourth Movement of Martinu's Sextet for piano and Woodwinds in the Concertgebouw yesterday with members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. We are looking forward to the release of this recording at the end of the year! ... Show moreShow less

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