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Polyhymnia International specializes in recording and post-production for Super Audio CD and High-Resolution PCM Audio, both in stereo and surround. Our expert staff and vast collection of high-end equipment enable us to provide a wide variety of customized services to meet the needs of any project. Many of our recordings are used as demonstration and/or reference material for high-resolution formats.

The people behind Polyhymnia

Old Legacy Neumann M50’s restored

An old legacy has been fantastically restored and brought back to life by Puck Leek. Our old vintage tube neumann M-50 microphones are as good or better than new! We hope they will be used for many... Read more



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While preparing for Ivan the Terrible we had some quiet serene moments in the OB van. Xavier Fontaine was there now so it would all work perfectly in time. Just a day before our good friend and colleague from the Bolshoi Audio department Nadia Nikolayeva, was working hard on ballet project in honour of Vladimir Vasiliev, famous dancer, preparing live sound. This important event was reported on Dutch National TV (as it was conducted by Dutchman Vincentde Kort) ... Show moreShow less

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