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Yolande de Schot-Plasschaert


Since Polyhymnia’s inception, Yolande de Schot (married to Roger de Schot) has taken care of the Polyhymnia facilities, as well as caring for Polyhymnia’s guests and employees.

Yolande studied classical guitar at a music school for seven years and, after the M.M.S, graduated from the teacher training college in Middelburg. She also graduated as a candidate jeweler, and worked in this field for many years. In addition she has worked as a nursery school teacher, a geriatric caregiver, a company council secretary, and a proof reader and desktop publisher for a printing company (all in Baarn).

Having shared in the birth of Polyhymnia, Yolande is very proud to be a part of the Polyhymnia family.