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P. I. Tchaikovsky / Jean Sibelius

Tchaikovsky – Sibelius – BSO – Davis (RQR)

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Sir Colin Davis



Tchaikovsky – Sibelius – BSO – Davis (RQR)


Boston Symphony Orchestra
Sir Colin Davis


P. I. Tchaikovsky
Overture solennelle "1812"
Romeo & Juliet
Fantasy - Overture
Jean Sibelius
Karelia Suite, OP. 11
Valse Triste
"Pohjola's Daughter"
Symphony Fantasy Op. 49





Catalog number

PTC 5186 164


Wilhelm Hellweg


Additional info

Fanfare Magazine March/April 2007:

“This CD comprises the contents of two Philips LPs, both recorded in 1979, lacking only En sagafrom the Sibelius collection. As with other issues in PentaTone’s RQR (Remastered Quadro Recordings) series, these were quadraphonic originals that Philips released at the time only in standard stereo, because they found none of the competing quad playback systems adequate. Evidently neither did most consumers, for quad died a slow, expensive death. PentaTone is thus making these recordings available in multichannel format for the first time. They’re doing it right, too, by going back to the original master tapes, re-mastering them with care on top-notch equipment, and using only the original four channels, even though the SACD format allows for five. The results, on this disc, are some of the most superb orchestral sound I’ve ever heard on recordings. The sound, either in four channels or two, is smooth and detailed, vivid and full, with a low end that will go as far as your speakers will take it; the bass drum in theKarelia Suite is especially stunning. The SACD layer seems to open up the sound stage, but subliminally, by providing mostly hall ambience in the rear channels; only on switching to two channels do you realize what you’re missing. The two-channel sound is still as good as it gets, so collectors without multichannel capability ought not to be frightened away.”