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Bizet / Fauré / Gounod

Orchestre de las Suisse Romande
Kazuki Yamada



Bizet / Fauré / Gounod


Orchestre de las Suisse Romande
Kazuki Yamada


Masques et Bergamasques
Faust Ballet Music





Catalog number

PTC 5186 358


Job Maarse

Balance Engineer

Erdo Groot

Recording Engineer

Roger de Schot


Additional info

Fanfare review May/June 2014:

“Here [Yamada] has chosen a program of French music that strongly reveals a maestro’s sense of style, and he has delivered it
generally with the utmost distinction. In Bizet’sL’Arlésienne suites, Yamada can give an old master like Ormandy a run for his money. The Prélude of the first suite is noble and vigorous, with flexible tempos. Its second
section features a beautiful saxophone solo. The Minuetto feels coy and delicious, while the Adagietto seems to depict
a night scene in the country. The concluding Carillon is loaded with color, its second section like shepherds piping. In the second suite, arranged after Bizet’s death by his friend Ernest Guiraud, the opening Pastorale has a Brahmsian tone. The dance rhythms in its second episode are notably spritely. The Intermezzo, also known as the Agnus Dei, is stately yet passionate. A lovely flute solo enhances the Menuet. Yamada’s concluding Farandole is rollicking and exciting…….. In the suite from Fauré’s Masques et bergamasques……Yamada captures Fauré’s evanescent idiom with great acuity. His phrasing has vigor, yet the music’s ethereal quality never is undermined. The orchestra plays beautifully. The Menuet and the Gavotte both possess an antique flavor without ever seeming precious. The final Pastorale has the most delicate passion. Yamada’s rendition of the ballet music from Gounod’s Faust is a broad, colorful statement of the work. It is not always ideally danceable, but remains viable interpretively all the same. The Adagio begins by almost stopping motion, like a painting of dancers by Degas. Cleopatra’s music sounds appropriately sinuous. Les Troyennes has an unusually delicate, winsome quality. The concluding dance features both power and elegance…….The CD stereo sound quality for Yamada is excellent, beautifully balanced with plenty of tone color……This album is quite an achievement for a young conductor. The Bizet and the Fauré in particular are performances any maestro could be proud of. It is good to hear the Suisse Romande still offering French music to the manner born.”