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Leendert van Zanten

SACD Authoring and Technical Support

Leendert is involved in Super Audio CD authoring at Polyhymnia. He takes care of most in-house SACD authoring, as well as third-party SACD productions.

For more than two decades Leendert worked for PolyGram, first in the audio engineering department helping to build a variety of mixing desks, while also finishing his electronic engineering studies. He later moved to Philips Classics, working for a decade as maintenance engineer for their studio and recording equipment.

In 1998 Leendert was asked by Sony to join its SACD Business Team Europe to help establish the joint Sony and Philips. Super Audio CD format. At Sony he quickly became hooked on the beautiful hi-resolution stereo and surround format.

Leendert is now pleased to work with Polyhymnia (which took over a large part of Sony’s SACD support in 2004) on continuing and encouraging the support of SACD. Leendert believes that since video discs have adopted surround as the norm, shouldn’t it be the same with audio discs? Close your eyes when you listen to a SACD in surround, and see for yourself.

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